Short guide: How to use PostgresOperator in Apache Airflow?

SQLAlchemy inside

Set up connection to PostgreSQL

Edit postgres_default connection in Airflow Connections


from datetime import datetime
from airflow import DAG
from airflow.operators.postgres_operator import PostgresOperator

dag_params = {
'dag_id': 'PostgresOperator_dag',
'start_date': datetime(2019, 10, 7),
'schedule_interval': None

with DAG(**dag_params) as dag:

create_table = PostgresOperator(
sql='''CREATE TABLE new_table(
custom_id integer NOT NULL, timestamp TIMESTAMP NOT NULL, user_id VARCHAR (50) NOT NULL
PostgreSQL task success
table exists issue
INSERT INTO new_table VALUES(%s, %s, %s)
insert_row = PostgresOperator(
sql='INSERT INTO new_table VALUES(%s, %s, %s)',
parameters=(uuid.uuid4().int % 123456789,, uuid.uuid4().hex[:10])

create_table >> insert_row
full DAG body
success insert row to PostgreSQL




Python Dev \\ \\ Currently open to remote

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Iuliia Volkova

Iuliia Volkova

Python Dev \\ \\ Currently open to remote

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