Install Python dependencies to docker-compose cluster without re-build images

  1. Python python .pth file
  2. Docker volume
  3. and pip with flag:
pip install --target=

Test DAG

from datetime import datetime
from airflow import DAG
from airflow.operators.dummy_operator import DummyOperator

from slack import *

with DAG(dag_id='dependency_dag',
start_date=datetime(2019, 12, 17),
schedule_interval=None) as dag:
import error in Airflow UI

Python python .pth file

  1. understand where leave site-packages directory that used by our Python interpret (that run our Apache Airflow (or your server) in docker container)
  2. decide in that folder we will install our packages and define it as volume in docker-compose .yml
  3. put inside container — .pth file with our path to packages folder: add to Dockerfile 2 lines: 1st create dir for packages inside container, 2nd copy .pth file

site-packages folder

  1. define in DAG simple python code like:
import sys
site-packages in Apache Airflow container
docker exec -it #container_id /bin/bash

Docker volume

- ./airflow_files/packages:/usr/local/airflow/packages
- ./airflow_files/dags:/usr/local/airflow/dags
- ./airflow_files/logs:/usr/local/airflow/logs
- ./airflow_files/packages:/usr/local/airflow/packages


RUN mkdir /usr/local/airflow/packages
COPY ./packages.pth /usr/local/lib/python3.7/site-packages
FROM puckel/docker-airflow:1.10.6
RUN pip install --user psycopg2-binary
ENV AIRFLOW_HOME=/usr/local/airflow
RUN mkdir /usr/local/airflow/packages
COPY ./packages.pth /usr/local/lib/python3.7/site-packages
COPY ./airflow.cfg /usr/local/airflow/airflow.cfg


airflow/packages added to site-packages

pip install with ‘target’ flag

pip install --target=./airflow_files/packages slackclient
pip install with target flag
packages installed in target folder
no import error UI




Python Dev \\ \\ Currently open to remote

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Iuliia Volkova

Iuliia Volkova

Python Dev \\ \\ Currently open to remote

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